Culture & Values

Our Values

Respect and Invest in Relationships
We strive to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our employees, winery partners, distributor partners, customers, and consumers.

Trust and Confidence
When we develop strong brands, consumers feel confident when purchasing our products. That confidence translates to higher sales volume and profits for all our distributor and retail partners.

Great Corporate Citizens
Being great corporate citizens means dedication to environmentally responsible practices throughout our company and being part of all the communities we do business in.

Giving Back

Trinchero Family Estates is passionate about giving back to the community, and has established some of the industry’s most innovative philanthropic initiatives. Sutter Home for Hope, Trinity Oaks’ One Bottle One Tree program, and Newman’s Own Foundation are causes that are particularly close to the Trinchero family’s hearts.


Trinchero Family Estates is committed to environmental sustainability. The company has received esteemed industry awards for its longstanding sustainability efforts, and maintains that all California wines come from sustainably farmed vineyards. In 2017, Trinchero Family Estates reaffirmed their commitment by transitioning to 100% renewable energy across all Napa County facilities.

Why Safety Matters


As a family-owned company since 1948, we understand that there’s nothing more important than keeping our TFE family safe. That’s why we make safety our number one priority in our vineyards, at our wineries and throughout all aspects of our business. Taking this to heart, a team member at our Westside winery in Lodi, CA made a video that illustrates why safety matters to us all on team TFE. Thank you, Mike Madrigal, for your work in keeping us safe!

Strategic Pillars

In 1948, the Trinchero family moved from New York to the Napa Valley to live the American dream. After 70 years of industry innovation including the original white zinfandel, the modern single-serve package and the premium red blend, Trinchero Family Estates remains owned and run by the devoted Trinchero family.

Investing in facilities that maximize efficiency, improve quality, and add room to grow is ongoing at Trinchero Family Estates. Most recently, the family invested in a production facility in Lodi that houses 850,000 square feet of state-of-the-art crush, fermentation, bottling, and warehouse operations, including capacity for four high-speed bottling lines.

“One Team, One Dream” is a message that echoes through every Trinchero Family Estates property and facility. Each of the 1,000+ Trinchero Family Estates employees – from production through sales – cares about the company’s wines and spirits. Teams both collaborate and take ownership to ensure the brands’ success in the marketplace.

For Trinchero Family Estates, the road from mom-and-pop operation to renowned global winery has been paved with innovation after innovation. At every turn—whether in the cellar, on the bottling line or at the point of purchase—innovation has remained a driving force behind the incredible growth of the Trinchero family’s broad portfolio of brands.

Trinchero Family Estates understands the value of working with industry organizations and other winemaking companies to strengthen and diversify the 50+ wine and spirits brand portfolio. Most recently, collaborations and partnerships with ultra-premium producers Ziata, Bravium, Mason Cellars and Neyers Vineyards have expanded Trinchero Family Estates’ luxury offerings.