Total Rewards

Your Health

When we are happy and healthy, we thrive. That’s why Trinchero Family Estates partners with top-tier health insurance companies Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross to offer four diverse health insurance plans to its employees. Whether single or part of a growing family, employees can count on their coverage.

Switching jobs shouldn’t mean switching dentists. The Delta Dental insurance that Trinchero Family Estates provides ensures continued coverage with the dentist of the employee’s choice. Dependent on the provider, most employees benefit from 100 percent coverage of diagnostic and preventative services and 50 percent coverage of orthodontics.

Health plan membership has its privileges. Employees enrolled in a Trinchero Family Estates health plan automatically receive vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP), courtesy of the Trinchero family. Employees may see any provider for vision care at no cost and any retailer for glasses at a reduced rate.

Health Savings Accounts
Like harvest, healthcare needs can be unpredictable. Health Savings Accounts make it easy to pay for medical costs while saving for future healthcare needs. Enrolling in a Health Savings Account through Trinchero Family Estates provides employees the freedom to control, own and manage healthcare spending and saving.

Flexible Savings Accounts
Trinchero Family Estates’ flexible spending account plan allows employees to pay qualifying expenses with pre-tax dollars. Because deductions for these expenses are subtracted from gross pay, taxable income is reduced. Employees may enjoy a healthcare spending account, a dependent care spending account and/or pre-tax premium payment plans. 

Your Money

401 (k) Savings Plan
Employees may supplement the Trinchero Family Estates profit sharing contribution to their retirement savings with their own pre-tax contributions to Merrill Lynch 401 (K) accounts. Carefully guided by the hands-on approach of the Merrill Lynch team, employees can confidently plan for retirement with risk-tolerance based and custom-built plans.

Profit Sharing Plan
Trinchero Family Estates contributes to their employee’s retirement as though they are part of the family. Each year, the Trinchero family shares their profits with every eligible employee, historically at a rate of 10-15 percent of one’s salary. Employees become fully vested after six years with the company.

Life Insurance
Understanding the importance of life insurance to loved ones, Trinchero Family Estates pays the full premium cost of life and accidental death and dismemberment policies for employees working over 30 hours per week. This benefit provides funds for those who have lost someone or for those who are seriously injured.

Short & Long-Term Disability
Trinchero Family Estates provides short term and long term disability insurance to employees working over 30 hours per week. The plans pay 60 percent of pre-disability earnings for a maximum of $2,308 per week and $15,000 per month, respectively. Trinchero Family Estates pays the full premium cost for this benefit.

Your Life

Wellness Program
The Vines to Vitality wellness program is a continuation of the Trinchero family’s commitment to support preventative care and promote the health and well-being of its employees. The program includes a personal health assessment, biometric screenings, and challenges and competitions with incentives to take an active role in one’s wellness.

Employee Assistance Program
Trinchero Family Estates offers health advocacy services and employee assistance programs to employees and their family who need assistance with personal or financial management and balancing life’s demands. From confidential consultations to referrals to licensed behavioral professionals, these programs help employees reduce stress, strengthen relationships and improve quality of life.

Paid Time Off
Living a productive and fulfilling life requires a positive work-life balance. That’s why Trinchero Family Estates offers generous paid time off benefits. Employees begin their careers at Trinchero Family Estates with 15 days of paid time off per year, to be used to relax and unwind however they see fit. 

Employee Discount
Making wines and wine experiences accessible to employees is a priority for the family. Employees benefit from 50 percent off virtually all Trinchero Family Estates wines, including those from Trinchero Napa Valley, Sutter Home and Ménage à Trois portfolios. Employees also receive complimentary tastings at the family’s four tasting rooms.